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R.V. Celtic Explorer

R.V. Celtic Explorer

The RV Celtic Explorer is a 65.5m multi-purpose research vessel, which can accommodate 35 personnel including 20-22 scientists.

R.V. Celtic Voyager

R.V. Celtic Voyager

In active service since 1997, the Voyager is 31.4 m in length and can accommodate 6-8 scientists.


R.V. Keary

The R.V. Keary is a purpose built, aluminium catamaran designed for the survey of water from 10 – 20 m deep.


R.V. Tonn

Meaning ‘wave’ in Irish, the Tonn is a 7.9m Cheetah Catamaran configured for very shallow water survey in 5 – 10 m.

R.V. Geo

The smallest vessel in our fleet at just 7.4 m, this modified Redbay Stormforce RIB surveys in 0-7 m.