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INFOMAR Data Viewer

INFOMAR Data Viewer

INFOMAR Web Mapping Viewer has increased functionality to allows users to view and explore INFOMAR data.

Dynamic Bathymetry Viewer

The Dynamic Web Mapping Viewer allows users to manipulate and analyse the bathymetry data within the browser.

Galway Beneath The Waves

Discover a new 3D view of Galway. What features lie on the seafloor? How were they discovered?

Hydrography in Galway Bay

A comparison between historical admiralty chart data and digitally enhanced multibeam echo-sounder bathymetric imagery

2013 AORA Trans-Atlantic Mapping Transect

To better understand the North Atlantic Ocean and to promote the sustainable management of its resources.

Webmapping services for GIS

Use webmapping services that are displayed in the above data viewers within your own GIS software.


View metadata through ISDE

Search the ISDE metadata catalogue for descriptions of the various INFOMAR datasets. Descriptions of bathymetry, backscatter, LiDAR, shaded relief, magnetometer, shallow seismic and sampling datasets are given.