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Data Services


Search & Download INFOMAR Datasets (IWDDS)

Search and download bathymetry and backscatter grids, ascii files, fledermaus scenes, google .kmzs and leg reports for all INSS and INFOMAR surveys

Download Charts

Download Maps & Charts

Download Maps and Charts in pdf format.


Download Shipwreck Data

A comprehensive database of the shipwrecks that have been mapped by INSS and INFOMAR has been collated.

Google Earth

Download Google Earth KML/KMZ Files

Download Google Earth KML and KMZ files of bathymetry datasets.


Download Raw Bathymetry data (NOAA)

NGDC is the US national archive for multibeam bathymetric data and presently holds over 15.7 million nautical miles of ship tracklines (1187 survey


Have you checked out our new diving app the “INFOMAR CFT Dive Guide”. It was released in December 2014. The app was designed in collaboration with Comhairle Fo-Thuinn (CFT) / the Irish Underwater Council.